I love snakes, and a few other humans on this planet also love snakes. Sadly there are so many humans that do not. I painted this series to make people smile.

Smiling is a positive thing. If I can get humans to have a nice fun feeling while looking at snakes, my job is done.

More info: snakeartist.com

The Persistence Of Serpents, After Dali

Acrylic on canvas. Serpents where here before us, maybe they will be here after us.

Snakey Night, After Van Gogh

Acrylic on canvas. Van Gogh loved the colour yellow, I wonder if he would have loved the yellow belly sea snake?

Mona The Snake Handler, After Da Vinci

Acrylic on canvas. What lady doesn’t look attractive with a snake draped on her?

The Birth Of Snake Venus, After Botticelli

Acrylic on canvas. Because snakes are beautiful.

They Shall Take Up Serpents, After Wood

Acrylic on canvas. Painted as if Wood was from the South.

Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Serpent, After Seurat

Acrylic on canvas, dot by dot. A serpent paradise with no humans.

Retired Lady Snake Charmer, After Whistler

Acrylic on canvas. Notice the smile on her face?

Raft For Reptile Rescue, After Géricault

Acrylic on canvas. Take note that in the background there is a hand with a snake hook to rescue them.

The Serpent’s Supper, After Da Vinci

Mixed Media on board.