Makeup is supposed to be fun and you certainly don't have to wait for an annual appropriate occasion like Halloween to explore its endless possibilities! Some artists become celebrities' and famous characters' doppelgangers with spectacular resemblance, while others explore spooky, horror film-worthy makeup looks, focus on a specific part of their body to create whole paintings, or try to seriously mess with our minds.

Hoa Trang, a 21-year-old makeup artist from Vietnam, uses her face and body as a canvas to create mind-boggling optical illusions. The self-taught artist started experimenting with illusions only three years ago while learning from resources available on the internet, such as video tutorials and Instagram influencers. Since these unusual transformations were niche in her home country, she was able to build a following of 115k people on Instagram.

Check out some of Trang's best instances of makeup wizardry and let us know which ones are your favorite!

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Do you remember when you used to play with your mom's only lipstick she had been using for years? Those times are long gone. The makeup industry is one of the fastest-growing industries which provides tools for creating any look you can possibly think of. According to a report published by Zion Market Research in 2018, the global beauty industry was a USD 532 billion business and is expected to reach approximately $863 billion in 2024.



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It's kinda like the Scream, but instead, she's melting? If that makes sense.

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With all the beauty products available on the market, people turn to the internet to learn how to make use of it. Beauty bloggers, bloggers, and Instagram influencers are an easily accessible tool for anyone who wants to learn how to accentuate their own features, create glamorous looks, or just have fun. They are on a mission to make people around the globe look and—most importantly—feel good.

And when we say easily accessible—we really mean it. According to Statista, in 2018, beauty-related content generated more than 169 billion views on Youtube. And with the rise of Instagram, their social media presence is mind-blowing! Hundreds of makeup gurus have turned into modern-day celebrities and it has become a desirable way to make a living.


The beauty community never fails to constantly entertain makeup enthusiasts by coming up with the most bizarre and fun trends. These light-hearted viral trends spread across all platforms, and many are eager to try them. We've had halo brows, feather brows, squiggly lips, the "polish mountain" challenge which led to experiments with 100+ coats of other beauty products, and many more. The most recent was the hilarious tiny face challenge started by YouTuber and makeup artist Jaime French, who did a perfect quarantine makeup look.

And while Hoa Trang's makeup illusions are not that easy to master and to recreate, they are very easy to appreciate!

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