There are a lot of cats living on the street all over the world. And, one of the European city, Riga is not an exception. There are hundreds of feral cats. One of the local cat care non-profit organization decided to show the world street cats who deserve our love, care and attention.

Cat Care Community has spent the last year making the photos and helping street cats find real loving home. Photographing cats has been the main key to bringing the world that each of the cat has a story to tell.

Many people argue about that street cats are not safe for humanity, but there are different Trap-Neuter-Return programs, that works great and helps to control population and health problems of street cats. What do you think about street cats?

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This furry cat eyes so want to be in a warm place

Laying on the sun

“Am I supposed to live here forever?”

“We are scared and hiding…”

Sometimes people help street cats and make a woden houses for them

“Where is my mommy?..”

One of the little kittens, who was born this year. His mommy still was not sterilized…

These eyes


This cat has very beautiful blue eyes. It is difficult to believe that so many cute cats are just living on the street

Looking for a better life

One of the community of street cats in Riga district