Christmas is a joyous time of relaxation, too much food and lots of fun with the family. But for those who work in retail, it can actually be the complete opposite. Long hours, endless crowds, Christmas music on repeat and rude, entitled customers can make the festive period into a bit of a nightmare, something that you’d just like to get over and done with as quickly as possible.

So this story of a retail worker at her wit’s end, scoring glorious revenge on a customer who had finally pushed her over the edge, is as forgivable as it is amusing. Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf decided to share her hilarious tale of perfect payback on Facebook recently, recounting events that occurred 17 years ago, and every retail worker will be cheering along with her.

A long and exhausting Christmas period was finally over, and her shop was selling off some cute Christmas ornaments on the cheap. Everybody loves a bargain, and these lovely golden stars were going for a steal at only 50 cents a pop. However, this paltry price proved to be still too much for one woman (who didn’t appear to be lacking a penny or two), and she demanded a further discount, down to 25 cents.

Now, there is a time and a place for haggling, I’m thinking the souks of Marrakesh, or perhaps a thrift store. Not in a department store, and not over a quarter, for something you won’t be needing for another year anyway. Needless to say, Sarah and the entitled woman quickly got in an argument about the golden stars, and it left Sarah with a thirst for retribution. What was to follow is a brilliantly executed act of revenge, totally petty and unnecessary, but wonderfully satisfying all the same. Scroll down to read why Sarah now adorns her tree each year with her ‘Star of Vengeance,’ and let us know what you think in the comments!

“I haven’t encountered the woman again and it’s been so many years I could not pick her out of a lineup,” Sarah told Bored Panda about the incident. “People have asked about it I think she’ll read and recognize herself, but I seriously doubt it. People like that are not usually self-aware enough to see themselves from the perspective of those they view as below them.”

Sarah no longer works in retail, she now works as a writer and photographer. Unsurprisingly perhaps, there isn’t a great deal she misses about her former job! “I recognize not all retailers are the same, but in general it’s hard work for not a lot of money/appreciation with an erratic schedule,” she told us. “Be kind to your sales associates. Sometimes it’s the only thing that’s getting them through their day.”

“I think my story resonates with alot of people because: 1. So many of us have worked retail, so we get it, and 2. It’s nice when you can reclaim your power when someone has made you feel powerless. Sometimes the little guy does win. The reaction has been overall good, but I recognize it’s not to everyone’s taste. If it makes retail workers feel a little more worthy of respect and customers a little nicer this holiday season it is a win for everyone.”

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