I’m a freelance designer and artist, and when I have my thinking time and need to find some head space, work related or not, in the studio or on the road it’s time to head towards that familiar smell of coffee beans. Now, long amounts of thinking time usually goes hand in hand with a pencil and my notebook but one day without that book and not wanting to waste precious time until I could get some paper, I reached for the only canvas for my ideas within my reach – a disposable coffee cup. I published the results online and since that point, the project has grown exponentially.

I’ve always been fascinated by contrast and all these pieces hopefully highlight that. I enjoy the juxtaposition of something so disposable and worthless as a napkin or a cup embellished by something which has no real place there and can take hours to do. The phrases and puns I enjoy coming up with are often vague skewed motivations aimed at myself on that particular time of that particular day, with the lettering styles a sympathetic mix of the old and the new. Some of the finished pieces I keep, some I leave where they are.

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Should be elsewhere

R is for refill

Waste time with type

Good to go

Create More

A storm in a coffee cup


E is for Espresso

Big Dreams

Just the 2 of us

Love what you do

M is for More

R is for ready

S is for slurp

Day Dreams

Wednesday lets do this


Me working on a cup