Creating original designs has been my passion and full-time business since I was twelve years old (see my first post here). I've never had any training in art and am self-taught. Using only artificial fur, they are fully poseable and weighted to feel like real animals when you hold them! My creations are only available through “Auction Adoption”. You can adopt your own original creation on eBay. 

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I create one or two creatures a week, and start the bidding at $15.00. I have also written and illustrated books that also can be found on eBay. I enjoy the challenge of creating new species of animals never seen before with sculpture, soft posable sculpture, and wearable puppets.

I was invited to Weta Workshop in New Zealand by the owner, Richard Taylor, and a head concept artist, Johnny Frasier Allen where I worked on a book project “The Wandering Woods” with Johnny. For the illustrations, we sculpted the characters and photographed them for the book, using natural landscapes of New Zealand for a background. More than anything, I love meeting people face to face! I enjoy attending Comic Cons with my life-sized puppets to greet them!

More info: Facebook | Ebay

#3 Poseable Baby Panda

Poseable Baby Panda

Lee Cross Report

Samantha Pescatore 1 year ago

Where can we adopt?!

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#5 Poseable Thunder Stag

Poseable Thunder Stag

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Eglė Liubinaitė 1 year ago

With those horns and face he looks like a king :D

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#7 The Poptart Kitten

The Poptart Kitten

Lee Cross Report

Monica Cunningham 1 year ago

I literally cannot even

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#9 "Flint," The Life Sized Dragon

"Flint," The Life Sized Dragon

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Tjinsane 1 year ago

This is the only thing i need in life

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#10 Me And My Poseable Creations

Me And My Poseable Creations

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Melody Lanzatella 1 year ago

Oh my goodness! AND you are beautiful!

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#13 Baby White Tiger

Baby White Tiger

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Alexis 1 year ago

Mine !mine! they all need to be mine !!!!

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#15 "Pheona," The Baby Hedgehog

"Pheona," The Baby Hedgehog

Lee Cross Report

Bhilis 1 year ago

Desparately need this cutie!

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