“I met this girl, she was compassionate, showed love for others and animals, she was polite to a point of excess and apologetic for no reason. She was nice to others that were not nice to her. However, there was this something about her – she even felt sorry for those that gifted her threatening spite and psychological shackles to enforce co-dependence.”

The following graphite works were created by Red Maiden Art (Kate Evans – Me, Myself & I) to converse about the issues surrounding the warped world that my subject was trapped in. We did not know what narcissism was, we were not aware that there was another way, wishes for change, to end the torment.

I am not the one to write an essay about such subject, I see my art as a type of blogging, expelling what repeats within my subconsciousness, resonating deep. It’s making me feel the urge to help, to do something. I will not go into details about how I created it or why I chose not to use an alternative medium. I painted 23 artworks of a girl who was as alive as her perspective upon reality.

If you know somebody that has been bullied, or experienced psychological abuse – talk to them, help them. Nobody has the right to act like they own another person, to be hateful, to justify abusing another. Being nice is a choice and everybody has that choice when they wake up each day.

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Seeing is Believing



Heavy Steps

Nothing to Hold on to



Not a Clue Amidst Many


upon apon an unseen clue

The key to you

Paper Boat



The Connection