"To the Free People of France and to the families of the victims,

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As a French photographer, living in Vietnam, it is with the deepest sympathy and profound sadness that I learned today of the heinous and cowardly act of terrorism that took place in Paris and took the lives of so many. No country, no people, no family should have to experience the tragedy that you have gone through. I wish to extend my most heartfelt condolences to the people of France and let them know that millions of people around the world share their grief.

To express solidarity and in the name of freedom of expression, I would like to invite all photographers around the world to pray for Paris"


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#3 #PrayForParis From Myanmar (David Lazar)

#PrayForParis From Myanmar (David Lazar)


YvonneDeLaO 2 years ago

Wow Breathtaking !

#5 #PrayForParis From Vietnam (Réhahn)

#PrayForParis From Vietnam (Réhahn)


YvonneDeLaO 2 years ago

What mesmerizing eyes

#8 #PrayForParis From Myanmar (Drew Hopper)

#PrayForParis From Myanmar (Drew Hopper)


YvonneDeLaO 2 years ago

ahh what a great photo