Pokémon Go is spreading like wildfire, but so too is “Poké-fatigue”, the associated tiredness you get in your arms from holding your phone in front of you all day. But thanks to the guys at the Rocketnews office in Japan, we’re happy to share with you a quick and low-cost solution to this clearly very serious problem.

Instead of wasting valuable Pokémon-catching time by, you know, going to the gym and working your feeble arms out, why not follow these simple instructions to make your own Poké-Han (short for Pokémon Hanger) mobile gaming accessory! It rests your phone at a comfortable level that encourages you to keep your back straight and your head up. It also increases your field of vision to make your gaming experience safer. All you need to make one is a clothes hanger, some rubber bands, and a complete disregard for your public appearance. Watch the instruction video below for more details. (h/t: rocketnews24)

Watch the video for more info: