I am a graphic artist who has a tactile love for things, assemblage, and the endless possibilities of box art. The ‘Plates’ are my first excursion into ceramics. The fascination is about bringing together unlikely objects. It’s a pure response project, using neglected, empty plates as a storyboard. It’s usually the quirks, textures, and imperfections that trigger an idea. You’re never quite sure what adventure might unfurl, so I just get lost and follow my better instinct. I enjoy framing the pieces; it’s like I’m creating a freeze, in knowing when to stop and preserve the story. Each plate is presented in a bespoke wooden box frame, color-tinted to accentuate the ceramic.

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‘Egg & Soldiers’


‘The Smoker’

‘The Cut’

‘Brand Nubian’

‘Bubble Head’

‘Future Cities II’

‘The Loner’


‘Lunar Park’

‘Cosmic Cowboy’

‘The Peak’

‘The Believers’

‘Mother’s Little Helpers’

‘Lucha Libra I’

‘Eau de Toilette’


‘E.R.N.I.E’ ( Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment )

‘Weather Windows’