Photoshoppers are usually the ones behind the scenes, tweaking and manipulating photographs from the safety of their offices. But photo retoucher Pratik Naik unexpectedly found himself on the receiving end of the process during a recent trip to Venice beach.

He was holding his girlfriend's belongings while she posed for a photoshoot with their friend and photographer John Snell. Joking around, Pratik struck the funny pose you can see below, and John couldn't help but capture the moment (and can you really blame him?). After posting it on Pratik's Facebook page for his fellow photographers to see, the picture went unexpectedly viral as his photoshopper friends got busy making Pratik the centre of attention for a change. Take a look at some of our favorites and then head on over to his website to see the full hilarious collection. Oh, and don't forget to join the fun and add your best photoshops to the list below!

More info: retouchist | facebook (h/t: petapixel, demilked)


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#1 True Love Never Fades

True Love Never Fades

Chris Knight Report

tooth fairy 2 years ago

I think I am missing the point with these photos, what was so special about the original photo - it seems it had nothing to do with his pose which didn't seem odd to me anyway.

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#2 Exploring Alternative Career Paths

Exploring Alternative Career Paths

Jason Kruppa Report

#3 All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

Alaxandra Cameron Report

Luis Milian 2 years ago

his face expression says it all! lol

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#4 Fits Perfectly

Fits Perfectly

Gerry Kingsley Report

JEFF THE KILLER 2 years ago

oh no

#5 Did I Get It?

Did I Get It?

Benjamin Jon Report

Tricia Overstreet 2 years ago

Every time I select a winner, another winner comes along. So you are seriously the winner, Pratik Naik, because you have these witty peculiar friends.........!

#6 Is Nice, Yes?

Is Nice, Yes?

Ettore Franceschi Report

Maria Corns 2 years ago

Very nice

#7 Mona Lisa Is Hiding A Secret

Mona Lisa Is Hiding A Secret

Jacob Rosenvinge Report

Emily Rose 2 years ago

that smile... so mysterious. XD

#8 Danger Is His Calling

Danger Is His Calling

Jonas Jensen Report

JEFF THE KILLER 2 years ago

all of his face expressions are the same

#9 1 I’m Flying, Jack!

1 I’m Flying, Jack!

Toan Thai Report

Luis Milian 2 years ago

Leo will never end up holding random cropped people.

#10 Never Leave Your Sombrero When Going To A Gun Fight

Never Leave Your Sombrero When Going To A Gun Fight

Zohar Ralt Report

Amaranthim Talon 2 years ago

I'm sorry- maybe my humor just isn't on par... but I happily accept that. I found this whole category a particularly dishwater set -