What can you do with a book? You can read it, obviously. And what about using it in a more creative way? Like making amazing sculptures from books. Peter’s works are the best proof for that.
And that’s how his handmade story started: “In my life there is a girl, who has a special place in my heart. I wanted to give her a lovely handmade gift. I found the bookfolding technique and I realized I can prepare a beautiful folded book. I started to design an own pattern, and created my first book. I continued it with many new texts, numbers, images and so on.”

More info: en.dawanda.com

Book End Folded Book Art

Cat Folded Book Art

Hedgehog Business Card Holder

World Map Folded Book Art

Halloween Folded Book Art

Christmas Folded Book Art

Read Folded Book Art

Owl Folded Book Art

Forever Folded Book Art

Heart Folded Book Art