Why get a lava-lamp when you can have a jellyfish tank? Florida company Jellyfish Art, who’s been selling jellyfish aquariums since 2011, has just concluded a successful kickstarter for a 3rd-generation, LED, tank. 330 USD will get you a tank that you set up yourself, with the jellyfish following in the mail the next day.

Some people were concerned if there’s enough space for the jellyfish. As harsh as it sounds, jellyfish don’t have a traditional central nervous system, and are probably not aware whether they’re in an ocean or in a fish tank.

“If they get close to a filtration intake in a regular fish tank, they would get sucked in and badly mangled,” the team explained to Huffington Post. “They’re made up of over 90% water so they’re very delicate. The water flow in the tank is designed to have a very gentle outflow spread out over a large surface area…. Our design is the first commercially available cylindrical design.”

More info: jellyfishart.com | facebook | kickstarter | twitter (h/t: huffpost)

See the special LED tank in action in the video below: