7 years have passed since the last episode of The Office aired, but its fandom isn’t shrinking and even continues to grow. Just last year, the beloved sitcom became the most-watched licensed show on Netflix, beating Friends and Grey’s Anatomy.  The show has attracted huge audiences with many of its fans re-watching the series over and over again. The reason behind it is quite simple—The Office is a gift that keeps on giving. There is something for everyone—a little bit of slapstick humor, a little bit of awkwardness, and a whole lot of hilariousness all around.

Today, amidst the concerns and fear of the coronavirus, fans of The Office have decided to have a little laugh to release tension. After one person on Twitter shared his imaginary, coronavirus-themed scenario of an episode of The Office, others chimed in with their hilarious suggestions as well. Scroll down below to read them all and share in the comments down below whether you have any ideas for the imaginary script.

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Fans of the popular TV show are imagining the episodes of The Office: Coronavirus

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It all started with a single tweet, which now has almost half a million likes. In it, a man named Daniel shares an imaginary situation in which the characters of The Office would find themselves during the coronavirus outbreak.

He envisions Michael, the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, ignoring the corporate memos as per usual and wanting to spend time with his work family. Dwight is acting superior to everyone (therefore, as usual) and claims that he has a genetic immunity to the Covid-19 disease. Angela comes into work wearing a full-on hazmat suit, while Kevin claims he has had coronavirus for weeks and feels just fine.

The hypothetical episodes were shared on Twitter and are hilariously spot-on

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The tweets, which are hilariously on-point, also imagine Creed as a patient zero and Stanley vacationing somewhere among the palms and sunshine, while Andy checks WebMD and starts to panic.

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Other people started sharing their ideas as well

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Other suggestions involved Jim pretending to have caught coronavirus and thus “infecting” Dwight; Michael trying to demonstrate how to wash one’s hands properly but failing badly; and Dwight bringing an actually sick person to work to demonstrate the symptoms of the disease.

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After the Twitter thread went viral, people on Reddit started sharing their imaginary scripts too

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In the r/DunderMifflin thread, people are speculating all types of scenarios that would happen in the imaginary world of The Office. “Creed takes and sells the office hand sanitizer,” a Reddit user named NASA_Lies writes. “Jim coughs every 20 minutes continuously getting louder and closer to Dwight, who eventually flips out and quarantines the whole office,” someone under username Quik_n_diip suggests.