I’ve created this series of adorable and whimsical paper-cut illustrations of colorful animals as a personal project to complement our daughter’s room decor and I really fell in love working with paper art.

I used a simple layering technique, hand cutting each of the colored papers after they have been sketched, and gluing them to kapaline boards (foam boards, for those of you who are not familiar) to add depth in this 3D art, and then mounting within a square frame to add the final touches. My inspiration for these decoration ideas can be found through some of my favorite illustrators and my favorite movies.

More info: Etsy | vaclavbicha.com


My favorite theme is ocean and sea, so it didn’t take me long to come up with this baby nursery decoration idea.

Sloth mother and her baby

Koala bear

Sketch for Koala bear


Skecthes for Exogoroth

Empire strikes back is my most favorite movie of all time, so when I decided to do some papercut illustration for kids’ room on the SW theme this was must do. I’ve also done other monsters from the SW universe like Diagona or Wampa.


These are available on Etsy