Hello everyone! My name is Joe Mari Gilbert Tuazon, I am a male nurse from the Philippines who is working overseas, and sometimes, being away from your family and friends, you’ll mostly feel lonely, bored, and homesick. So in my spare time I draw portraits of people using Faber Castell classic coloured pencils, ballpoint pen, and pencil for black and white ones.

I started drawing and won my first inter-school competition when I was 5. By that time I had no dreams of being an artist, as I thought it was all a ‘game’ and I was never serious about art. I became a part of my school paper as a cartoonist until high school and then time passed and I have forgotten about drawing. It went on to being just a hobby until I tried to get back at it again two years ago. I watched youtube videos every night, trying to figure out how to improve my skills. Drawing people’s faces is a fascination for me, which is evidently displayed in my works.
You’re probably wondering why I never took any courses related to art, and why I am a nurse. You see, there is a fine line between your dreams and your passion. I took the medical field in hopes of helping and giving service to as many people as I can. I have always been fascinated by the world of Science and by the world of art at the same time.
My intention in sharing this story is not to compare, but rather to bring out whatever other interests you may have inside you. Sure you may be working in front of a desk at day, but who knows, maybe you also rock out with your band at night. With enough patience and perseverance, nothing can hinder passion.
I hope I inspired you all with my story, so go on, get that paper and whatever tool you can use to create art! Happy Holidays!

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