My name is Michela and I’m an Italian copywriter from Bologna. “Scents of Sardinia” is the name of my experiment of “olfactory tourism” on Instagram, a virtual travel between natural scents and amazing landscapes.

I started to take these pictures 4 years ago because I was feeling homesick from my island, Sardinia. I’ve always been very sensible to scents and remembering the smells of my land make me feel closer to home and reconnect with my inner self and memories.

In the last years, I’ve taken many pictures of breathtaking panorama of my land, trying to gather and evoke every little nuance of the world and atmosphere that surrounded me: not only smells, but also humidity and temperature, human or animal presence, sensations and emotions of every place and moment.

To complete the description of the environment and atmosphere, I add three more relevant scents in the caption of each photo. Every pic has a geotag which immediately shows the exact location where it was taken. Open your eyes and smell the essence of my land!

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Cala Tinnari, Sardinia

Mediterranean scrub, waves, sunlight | Arbutus unedo

Isola di S. Pietro, Sardinia

Volcanic cliff, seashells, mild breeze | Thymelaea hirsuta

Maimoni, Sardinia

Quartz sand, dried salt, wet skin | Posidonia oceanica

Maimoni, Sardinia

Water, cold water, saltwater | Posidonia oceanica

Pau, Sardinia

Wild horses, obsidian, evergreens | Lathyrus latifolius

Mogoro, Sardinia

Straw, snail slime, dry-stone walls | Daucus carota

Roccia dell’elefante, Sardinia

Trachyte, clouds, beginnings | Xanthium spinosum

Capo Pecora, Sardinia

Granite, waves, northwest wind | Pancratium maritimum

Isola Rossa, Sardinia

Phorphyry, North wind, sea food | Euphorbia Pithyusa

Sagra del Redentore, Nuoro, Sardinia

Brocades, saddles, thrill | Lantana camara

Cala Fico, Sardinia

Cliffs, crystal clear water, Falco eleonorae | Crithmum maritimum

Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

Marble, turquoise sea, mediterranean forest | Nerium oleander

Mogoro, Sardinia

Lemon tree, castile soap, brillantine | Oxalis adenophylla

Is Praneddas (close to), Sardinia

Resin, pine nuts, sea air | Pinus Pinea

Torre dei Corsari, Sardinia

Sand dunes, crystal-clear water, Green Coast | Bouganvillea

Monte Arci, Sardinia

Woodland, roots, clouds | Asparagus acutifolius

Porto Corallo, Sardinia

Sea breeze, rosemary, deisies | Cistus creticus

Punta Li Canneddi, Sardinia

Sand, native vegetation, sea | Armeria pungens

Portixeddu, Sardinia

Dry grass, saltiness, sunset | Lagurus ovatus

Golfo di Gonnesa, Sardinia

Sea breeze, mediterranean scrub, dirt roads | Nerium oleandrum

Orroli, Sardinia

June, home, sun | Lavandula officinalis

Gonnoscodina, Sardinia

Cut grass, wedding rice and lavender, joy | Cassia

Capo Boi, Sardinia

Mediterranean scrub, briny smell, sunrays | Trifolium stellatum