On Tuesday April 9th, I had the experience and joy of the NYC post office and transit. Going to my neighborhood post office, and finding out that you have to make an appointment to bring your passport application filled out, and them sending me to another post office over in the Bronx, where they take walk ins (most have a passport line to take care of this). The teller at the window in the Bronx office,told me that they needed a copy of my birth certificate, not the original that the city had mailed to me. They also gave me an extra form for a passport I lost 19 years ago. (on Monday I went to a post office downtown, and they told me the opposite and wouldn’t accept the copy and did not give me a form to fill out for a previous lost passport.) After 3 post offices I went to Boston Market for a little chicken and mashed potatoes to chill. Going home, myself and a lot of other commuters, waiting on the platform for 25 minutes, find out the 1 train is not running and need to take the bus. I had to walk a few blocks for the bus with a lot of other people who were waiting. After 15 minutes a bus comes along with a truck in front of it hauling it away. Bad omen, so I walked over the bridge from the Bronx into Inwood where I live. I went away thinking that was damn good chicken at Boston Market and what a view walking over the bridge, so I took these photos. Life is good, not the post office and MTA!