Have you ever thought of living in a dream city where you meet the dreams for real. You might know some places named as 'cold', 'dark', empty streets in the northern part of the world. But you might not have got the chance to experience the magical part of all those part. The magic is beyond amazing. I believe the authentic style of living in the arctic circle is the most incredible part. I have never written something like this before.

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But I wanted to share my extra ordinary time here in the north. Today I will share some of the magical moments of Autumn in Lapland. The moments are about 'No ordinary arctic dream nights'. All the pictures are taken in this beautiful city in the arctic circle Rovaniemi. The city is also easily known because it is the hometown of Santa Claus. Once you are here, all the memories and experiences stay with you forever- you will have the same opinion when you see on your own, I believe.

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#1 Dream City Rovaniemi

Dream City Rovaniemi


#2 Meeting The Dream

Meeting The Dream


#3 In The Heart Of The City

In The Heart Of The City


#4 Arctic Dream City Night

Arctic Dream City Night


#5 Misty Autumn Night

Misty Autumn Night


#6 All Bright Sky

All Bright Sky


#7 Sign Of The Aurora Storm

Sign Of The Aurora Storm


#8 Kemijoki And The City Centre Of Rovaniemi

Kemijoki And The City Centre Of Rovaniemi


#9 Living In The City

Living In The City


#10 Blessings