During my last trip in Japan, I had the chance to visit the most famous abandoned amusement park in the world: Nara Dreamland!

Built in 1961, Nara Dreamland was supposed to be the “disney” theme park of the country, which is easy to guess when you take a look on the fairy pink princess castle ! It was a huge success and many japanese went there during their free time for many years.

It was an incredible feeling to be able to explore this place during an entire day and imagine how it was to be on the roller coaster or just to wander in the little streets of this paradise.

But the opening of the real Disneyworld in Tokyo and the Universal studios in Osaka was too much competition for Nara Dreamland. By 2006, the theme park closed and became another dream for explorers and photographers as one of the most famous haikyo in Japan!

Now, nature reclaims the park, which disappears slowly under the vegetation and create an even more magical and unique atmosphere.

Come explore with me what is left of Nara !

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