I’ve never been much of a bookmark kinda guy. I would always end up losing or forgetting them so, like a monster, I either folded the page where I left off or simply remembered where I was. Of course, if your book is borrowed, folding pages is just plain rude so sometimes one needs to improvise.

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However, there is improvising and then there is this. Librarian Amanda Mae took to Twitter recently to share probably the most unusual bookmark substitute that you are ever likely to encounter.

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Just, ew. How and why was such a heinous idea ever conceived? Was it an act of desperation, quickly forgotten? Maybe revenge against a particularly evil librarian? Or perhaps simply a case of misplaced lunch?

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Twitter was instantly set ablaze with righteous indignation and theories about the mystery taco with some outraged at the disrespect shown to the book.

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While others were more concerned about the state of the poor taco. Who leaves tacos just lying around like that?

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Librarians also began to share their own stories of bizarre finds in books. Turns out that the taco bookmark was by no means a one-off in terms of edible items.

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And for some, the whole thing was simply a work of beautiful art, invoking feelings of absurdity, sadness and loss.

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