So I was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer. It only has 5% chance of moving to another part of my body so I’m relatively safe, but that didn’t stop the doubt entering my mind, the shock of what could have happened IF it was more serious.

So after a while, I decided to change my life. To give something back and ensure my children would be supported if anything was to ever happen to me. And that is when ‘The occasional boxes’ was created. I had always had, a love for arts and crafts. I’ve spent my life as a hobby creator – making cakes, clay figures, sewing gifts for family. I’ve always loved my children having access to endless amounts of art and craft material too!

So here I am, a mum of four that’s had a slightly difficult time in life and my wonderful new business trying to give children some inspiration away from commercial gifts and eventually supporting my family!

More info:

Mothers day themed box

My daughter

Monster boys birthday themed box

Father’s day themed box

Teacher gift themed box