Chicago-area mom, Rebecca decided 3 years ago that her son needed a crocheted hat, so she watched how-to videos on YouTube until she was able to turn him into a warm ninja turtle for his Halloween trick-or-treating. The rest is history.

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She was soon flourishing - able to create her own complex patterns only weeks after making her first stitches. It came naturally and brought her incredible joy.

Soon she was selling custom-designed pieces to friends and family. It grew from there and local photographers took notice and introduced her to the world of crocheted photo props. She then discovered a sincere love of newborn photography but had a vision of her own and set out to learn how to do it herself.

She bought herself a dslr camera, kissed her sleep good-bye and spent a year intensely studying the medium she desperately wanted to learn. People responded immediately and her business grew.

"I encourage parents to ask for whatever makes them nerdy - whatever thing it is they have that they either secretly or outwardly cherish. I love nothing more than welcoming a new baby to the world by introducing them to mommy and daddy's favorite things." Her photos aren't just photos - they tell stories. They celebrate all the things a parent loves and they are pretty darn adorable.

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Mom Turned Her Love For Crochet Into A Photography Business And The Result Is Adorable


Nicole Rosandich 1 year ago

those ears!