God does not exist because he has never posted any selfies, has not tweeted anything and Youtubers never talk about him. Today we worship other idols. These modern gods do not need marble sculptures or stained glass windows in temples. There is no need to pray to them and prove our devotion. They are here with us at all times, and therefore deserve to be shown.

This series of posters is dedicated to anyone who instantly opens Instagram with their alarm clock ringing in the morning and is not entirely sure what the difference between death and offline mode is.

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#1 God Of WiFi

God Of WiFi


#2 God Of Headphones

God Of Headphones


#3 Antivir Guardian

Antivir Guardian


#4 God Of Games And Virtual Reality

God Of Games And Virtual Reality


#5 God Of GPS

God Of GPS


#6 God Of Smarphones

God Of Smarphones


#7 God Of Social Networks

God Of Social Networks


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In that case I pray to have more followers. Lol