Hey, pandas my name is Dan Bannino and I’m a photographer. I’d like to share with you the story of some super stylish chickens and their quest to conquer the world with their coolness.

My passion for nature and animals brought me to work on this story, with the aim of turning the audience’s attention over a rather unusual theme. The reason why I wanted to portray these incredible creatures is because I wanted to underline the fact that some of us don’t even know how gorgeous a “common” chicken is.

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I knew that I wanted to show the beauty of these animals and the contrast between their exploitation and their extreme elegance

Everything started a few weeks ago, when I stumbled upon some news on the internet

The news were about these quirky species of poultry called Paduan Chicken and I’ve then decided to travel all the way to Padua to meet Andrea Pozzato, the reigning Italian Champion of breeding chickens.

Here Andrea is growing and looking after his beautiful exemplars of Paduan Chickens

Its a rather unusual species of poultry imported from Poland in the 16th century, that has a funny and unique crown of feathers resembling cool 80s’ hairstyles.

Employing Old Masters’ chiaro-scuro technique and adding colourful lights, I’ve photographed these chickens like glamorous models

These are Crystal and Anastacia

Our two roosterlicious Tyson and Chic Norris

And here’s Mandy with Chanelle

Let’s don’t forget Cosimo and Chantal

And of course Elvis and Maria

Last but not list, Priscilla with Chanelle

Tomorrow don’t just go and buy some piece of meat. Respect these and all the creatures, and fully appreciate what nature gives us

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