The subreddit MurderedByWords is described as “a place for well-constructed put-downs, comebacks, and counter-arguments.” These kind of thoughtful, factual, and satisfying responses are increasingly worth their weight in gold in this age of social media hysteria, where the bullies and trolls often get the upper hand.

The latest example of a perfect comeback was uploaded to the forum by Redditor BlackOrre. Somebody had criticized Disney studio’s choice of mixed-race characters in the movie ‘Big Hero 6,’ discounting multiracial Disney characters as not truly ‘diverse’ and suggesting that heroes should be ‘all or nothing.’

The response on Disney movies and racist people was epic, an informative blend of factual realism and personal experience that encouraged other multiracial people to share their own stories on ethnicity and racism. Because, as the word-murderer correctly states, the population of multiracial people in the USA is increasing rapidly and they can often feel marginalized. Sometimes deemed not sufficiently ‘one or the other,’ multiracial people can feel left out by members of their family, and endure crises of identity and belonging that are little talked about in society.

However, this response addressed some of the more positive aspects of a multicultural upbringing. Growing up with experiences from a variety of cultures can only be a good thing, as it increases empathy and understanding with human beings as a whole, to the world beyond your ‘in’ group. The more we understand that people of different ethnicity, culture, and language actually have far more in common with us than differences, the easier it is to embrace each other and live together in peace. Scroll down to see the exchange for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This post about the movie ‘Big Hero 6’ started a discussion about the experiences of multiracial people

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