Hello everyone, it’s me Hogybaby an African pygmy hedgehog. I’m 1 year old. Eating is kind of my hobby. Meal worms, crickets, chicken, eggs, plain cooked hamburger meat, sweet potato, sweet potato & turkey baby food and the Wellness Healthy Indulgence pouches are always my favourite. Sometimes I’m not hungry but I’m bored, therefore I shall eat.

My dad is a 19 years old boy with a dream of to not only make me an ordinary hedgehog but also a well known hedgehog through out this universe. My dad often calls me as a househog instead of a hedgehog because I enjoy staying and hanging around in the house and don’t like to be kept in the cage. So I seldom stay in the cage. I love my dad he often put me on his lap and talk to me even if I’ve never answer him anything, sometimes I will just stare at my dad to act like I understand what he is trying to tell me. One day, if I am able to learn human language, I will probably talk to my dad.

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