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I Turn Fruits & Vegetables Into Hotdogs, Burgers, Ice Cream & Cakes
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I Turn Fruits & Vegetables Into Hotdogs, Burgers, Ice Cream & Cakes


It is a hot-dog, but don’t be fooled. Look closer before you give a bite or you will crack your teeth. Look again and you will crack up laughing. Yep, it is a potato and four tomatoes. Note it for your next April Fool’s prank.

There are more. Kiwi burger, pear drumstick, egg white coconut, beef watermelon. Lately, I have been exploring the resemblance between nature and man-made objects on Mundane Matters on Instagram. These discoveries are simply surprising and delightful.

Most of the time these ideas just flashed into my mind when I was doing grocery shopping. I was even surprised by the luck of finding all these things by an accident. I think perhaps it is because our minds are so wired to symbols, images and pop culture, that it becomes a habit for us to find similarity and connection between nature and man-made objects? From this perspective, I think what I am doing is a collective discovery for myself and people who see them.

I am now on a mission of making two things a day. There are endless possibilities in nature, ideas and creativity. I have no idea how far this will go but will keep sharing my discoveries with you on Bored Panda. Enjoy!

More info: Instagram

Kiwi Burger

Pear Drumstick

Potato Eggs


Pomegranate Grapes

Mysterious Drink

Orange Rice

Egg White Coconut

Strange Avocado

Orange Pineapple

Red Pepper Bowl


Beef Watermelon

Cucumber Bacon

Potato Hot-Dog

Pepper Banana

Potato Ice-Cream

Different Kind Of Cup Cake



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