Most of us are all about compassion towards our fellow man, but would you let a tired stranger rest their head on your shoulder for a quick snooze? New York-based artist George Ferrandi has put that to the test in her quirky and fun photo project “It felt like I knew you.”

The premise of Ferrandi’s project is simple – she pretends to fall asleep on a total stranger on the NY subway system, and her associate Angela Gilland captured their reactions on her phone. Most people were, not surprisingly, surprised. Some commuters, however, let Ferrandi snooze, while others either woke her or moved their seats.

Napping on strangers is often a part of public prank videos, but Ferrandi approaches strangers with a somewhat more tender approach; “I focus on the shape of the space between the person sitting next to me and myself. In my mind, I reshape it- from the stiff and guarded space between strangers to the soft and yielding space between friends. When the space palpably changes, and I completely feel like the stranger sitting next to me is my friend, I rest my head on that person’s shoulder.”

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Source: (via: huffingtonpost)