There is nothing more sentimental than a message in a bottle. And even though almost everyone has heard about this idea, not many have tried it. Well, one family was in desperate need of some relief after their mother passed away, so they decided that a message in a bottle was one way to heal from their grief. 2 years ago, a brother and a sister put a picture of their late mother, who had recently passed away, in a bottle. “My sister and I decided to drop a bottle into the ocean just to see where my Momma’s story would end up”. They also added a little note to their bottle that said “If you find this bottle please call or text. Starting point is at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.”

Unfortunately, their first try was not so successful. Just an hour later after they left the beach, a woman contacted them saying that she found the bottle. Luckily, the next day she was going on a shrimp boat so she agreed to throw the bottle into the water again. And so the actual voyage began. Who could have thought that one picture would travel 3,850 miles and end up on a sunny beach in Morocco? Well, that’s definitely a scenario worthy of a movie starring Kevin Costner.

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More info: 

2 years ago, after their mother tragically passed away, a brother and a sister decided to put her photo in a bottle and throw into the water

The inside of the bottle contained a picture of their mother and a note that said to contact them once the message in the bottle is found

2 years later they received a surprise all the way from Morocco!

Tarfaya City in Morocco is 3,850 miles away, meaning the photo had a truly an incredible voyage!

Many people were touched by this beautiful story