I’m a Capeverdean based photographer (Cape Verde is a 10 island country on the west coast of Africa), and from the past 2 to 3 months me and my friends have been exploring hard to reach places around our island (Santiago).

Some of these places are almost undiscovered by regular people, only by fishermen and locals.

We walk hours, we take boats, we hike and camp, so basically anything we need to do to get to our destination.

What we do is quite simple:

1. So, our country is literately 10 islands and there are natural coast beaches and mountains. We use Google Maps to search for bays or streams that we don’t really know about and ask around about it.

2. Every 15 days we choose one of those places as our destination and take care of the logistics. We always decide beforehand if we’re going to camp or just spend the day.

3. Once there, we explore take photos and enjoy the amazing views, beaches etc.

4. We connect with the locals (If there’re any) and get amazing stories about their routine and the place.

We plan to start doing the same on the other islands and do our best to get to know our country better and hopefully show others that Cape Verde is something more than it already is.


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Milky Way at Serra Malagueta (North of Santiago)

Milky Way at Serra Malagueta (North of Santiago)

Milky Way at Serra Malagueta (North of Santiago)

We got the night lit…

…with some light painting.

And chat for a while before bed.

Amazing view at Serra Malagueta (North of Santiago)

Time to meditate and enjoy the view.

Morning Walk

Bribing the photographer for photos

The Mist is certain all year

Precious water

Outdoor everyday stuff

The group photo is mandatory on every Tour

Yes sometimes I get a photo of me as well

Especial company on the way up.

After a night at the mountains we went down to the most famous spot of our island…


Free photo session :D with poses…

…funny faces…

…and sexy looks.

Next Tour – Águas Belas (Midwest of Santiago) – Making our way to the spot.

We could feel the smell of salt getting stronger…

…and we were right.

One of the most beautiful places we had been.

We ditched the beach…

…we preferred the rocks instead.

Tour 3 – Gouveia (Southeast of Santiago)

On the way to the rocks…


…we seem to love them…

…but well…

…if you think about it…

…what’s not to love?

We ended driving another mile to the closest town before heading back home.

Tour 4 – Txada Ponta (Mideast of Santiago)

Rocks rocks rocks…

…not this time hehehehe.

The local kids came and join the party.

And showed us we didn’t have to worry about not having a paddle.