I worked in London for just under 3 years, catching the 7:19 from Rayleigh, Essex - I joined the commuters heading into the city.

The first year I was exhausted, I had completed a photography degree, and was now working in Marketing - and, after a year, I realised I had barely picked up my camera.

So I got some 35mm from the pound shop, put it in one of the point & shoots I had picked up in a Charity Shop (I have far too many!) - and here was born my 'Life on Film' project.

For 2 years I worked in Shoreditch, and for my final 9 months I worked in Southwark - and I opted to walk in every morning, which gave plenty of opportunities to capture the city.

The project is still continuing, though I have a back log of films that need developing & scanning - but here are some of the highlights of London, I just love how London looks on analogue film - almost nostalgic, like something from a different time.

More info: flickr.com