Ever wondered what you would look like as a giant, delicious bespoke lollipop? Imagine no more, because Firebox have answered your weird, sweet prayers.

These Face Licker lollipops capture all of your facial features and transform them into a super tasty tutti-frutti treat on a stick. These aren’t your usual Chupa-Chups suckers either, they’re actually life-sized, as big as your actual head.

Just submit a photo and short description of whoever you want to immortalise in sweet form and a team of master sugarsmiths will get to work handcrafting their likeness.

Why not give one of your face to a loved one so they have a sweet reminder of your toothsome grin? Or just be a complete narcissist and get one of yourself to suck on.

Slurp your own hair, nibble on your ear or bite off your nose, or you could just use it as a lickable face mask for when you’re just not looking your best.

Not only are they delightfully delectable but vegan friendly too, so the only ethical dilemma you need to face is whether or not you feel comfortable repeatedly licking a life-size replica of someone else’s head.

More info: firebox.com