Since seven years I create an art inspired by lace patterns on the streets all over the world for two reasons. The first one is pure visual poetry. In every lace, we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony, isn’t that what we all seek for instinctively?

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Sometimes, however, my art is a symbol of true, direct relationships between people. Both making laces and building emotional bonds are processes that require time, attention and patience. Today those are deficit goods.

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#1 Italy, Signita Beach

Italy, Signita Beach


Inga Indi 3 months ago

Wait.. is this REAL lace ?!

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#2 Portugal, Bombarral

Portugal, Bombarral


Shruti Naik 4 months ago

I love this so much!

#3 Sweden, Borås

Sweden, Borås


pajd 4 months ago


#6 Berlin - One Wall. Opening Of Urban Art Museum

Berlin - One Wall. Opening Of Urban Art Museum


PeachPossum 4 months ago

I am still trying to fathom how an artist manages to maintain scale and symmetry on such a large format. Is it done by projecting an image into the surface? Or is it done first by altering a digital photograph of the structure and scaled up? Some can be done freehand, such as the blue wall and possibly the two that are done one the sides of the buildings. The others have such uniformity, it makes me wonder... Number 3 in Sweden is my favorite.

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#8 Poland, Gdańsk

Poland, Gdańsk


Szama Bensmail 3 months ago

I'm in this city today :D what a coincidence.

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#10 Poland, Warsaw

Poland, Warsaw


Suzette Duby 4 months ago

How does she do it? The lace seems to be in negative as though she has a pattern and sprays through it.

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#13 Spain, Valencia - Cabanyal

Spain, Valencia - Cabanyal


Alia Ris 3 months ago

love the shades and gradation.