Elena from Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, knits toys and dolls to adorn the brightest holidays — Christmas and New Year. And there is a pinch of magic in her story.

Born on January 7 — Russian Christmas — Elena fell in love with the family celebrations of the holiday. For her, this stands for the warmth of home’s hearth, childhood, fairytales, anticipation of a miracle, and toys, too. Moreover, according to the Druid’s horoscope, Elena’s tree is an evergreen conifer, a constant Christmas companion — one more match?

A few years ago, she discovered this fairytale herself and decided to contribute to its implementation. Elena opened up a world of knitted toys with schemes and patterns, rolls of yarn, bunches of knitting needles to create gentle, soft and amazingly friendly toys anyone would make his best friend. There are no ‘clones’, every character is one of a kind. They are like children: each one is unique and favourite!

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