Disney movies have played a big part in most of our childhoods, therefore, it is always interesting and a bit nostalgic to see some amazing artwork with Disney characters that fans have created. However, usually everything revolves around the main characters – princesses and good guys – and everyone always forgets the villains who spice the stories up. They don’t get the attention they deserve even though a lot of times they have some wicked but larger-than-life personalities.

Keeping that mind, the design experts team at online home and interiors platform Angie’s List decided to give some glory to mistakenly underrated Disney villains and by identifying their personal styles, captured their sinisterly-stylish bedrooms. These six differently decorated rooms have the most iconic color schemes and prints that perfectly depict the most famous villains and their eccentric personalities as if they lived in the real world in 2019. Let’s admit, they might not have happy endings in the movies but at least all of these characters now have somewhere nice to lay their heads at the end of another tough day of being evil.

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Maleficent’s bedroom (Sleeping Beauty)

Image credits: Angie’s List

“Located in the castle atop Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent’s bedroom is not shown in the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. But taking a look at her style and general “vibe” – the whole black horns, black and purple robe, golden staff, green skin thing – we had a lot to work with for this modernized, 2019 bedroom.

Since Maleficent herself has black horns, we thought a 2019 Maleficent would surely decorate her room with antlers. After all, she is a powerful, modern woman and would certainly be proud – not ashamed – of her appearance. Likewise, we’ve incorporated the green of her skin and the green of the castle seen in the original movie, in small elements like the plant and the glowing orb atop her staff.

The purple in this bedroom comes from the amazing purple lining in her cloak; the hints of gold from her staff; and of course, it wouldn’t be Maleficent’s room without her trusty raven, Diablo.” – explains Angie’s List team on their website.

Cruella De Vil’s bedroom (101 Dalmatians)

Image credits: Angie’s List

“We took our inspiration for this modern bedroom from the woman herself: Cruella De Vil. This bedroom has clean, sharp lines (have you seen those cheekbones?); black and white on the curtains, walls, furniture, and bedding (taken from her black and white hair, black dress, and white coat); and we have hints of red around the room, from the hints of red in her outfit – the gloves, the lining of her coat, her shoes.

We’ve even taken elements from Cruella’s bedroom in the original movie and updated them for 2019 – the red phone (now with more modern lines and buttons), the tufted headboard (now black and leather rather than pink), and the bedside tables (now sleek and simple rather than ornate.)

And don’t think PETA would stop Cruella from having fur in her room in 2019. We’ve included her famous white fur coat, as well as a dalmatian print rug and throw pillow.”

The Evil Queen’s bedroom (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Image credits: Angie’s List

“The Evil Queen in Snow White may be terrible, but she sure does have style. Well, until she transforms into a hag, at least. When she is at her greatest, though, we see her wearing rich, royal colors and sumptuous fabrics: what appears to be a long, velvet traveling cloak; a deep purple dress, lined with white; and a golden crown and brooch.

We’ve mirrored these in the design of the room, including a variety of luxurious fabrics and royal colors. We’ve also taken inspiration from the dungeon in the movie. It includes an intricately designed peacock throne; a blue and gold star-spangled banner; and of course – that famous mirror, a revamped version of which you’ll see hanging over the bed.

We’ve included the queen’s skull (which in the original, she used as a sort of like what you might use as a pencil holder), and the apple – now golden for a more modern look.”

Ursula’s bedroom (The Little Mermaid)

Image credits: Angie’s List

“A modern-day Ursula would be like a fish out of water in this world – what with HR and women’s rights and social media – she’d have a much tougher time bullying young Ariel this day and age. So, she’d need a cozy place to come home to after a long day of trying.

That’s why we imagined Ursula’s 2019 bedroom would look as much like her true home, the ocean, as possible. From the blue wave-like wall to the bedding and curtains and chairs, we’ve taken inspiration from the ocean’s water itself. The seashells, coral, and starfish decorations are taken straight from Ursula’s original lair. The plant – that hint of green to remind her of seaweed and the hanging lamp… it looks rather octopus-like, don’t you think?”

Jafar’s bedroom (Aladdin)

Image credits: Angie’s List

“Jafar is a man of great ambition. If you’ll recall, he wanted to become sultan over all Agrabah, and he would go to any evil lengths – even turning himself into a Genie – to make it happen.

We figured a man with such drive to power would have a luxurious room, fit for a modern-day sultan. We chose an overall style to reflect Jafar’s Arabian roots, with a large Persian rug, ornate prints and designs, and the golden, desert-like wall.

We also included a birdcage for his trusted companion, Iago; his snake-like staff (can’t hypnotize anyone without it!); and of course, the golden lamp – or, at least a replica of it.”

Tamatoa’s bedroom (Moana)

Image credits: Angie’s List

“In the Disney original movies, where Ursula’s lair is dark and literally filled with the agonized souls of once-happy people, Tamatoa’s underwater lair is downright cozy in comparison. The whole space is richly colored: deep blues and greens and browns. We’ve reflected that in the color scheme for the room.

You’ll also notice a lot of gold in this space, as well as a grand chandelier, and even a treasure chest (including a modernized version of Maui’s Fish Hook). This is, of course, because this villainous crab covets all things expensive, gold, and shiny and puts them atop his back. But in our imagining of his room, he stores his treasures at home rather than on his shell.

And as for the lamp on the bedside table? That’s inspired by Tamatoa’s ability to turn bioluminescent in pitch darkness.”