Usually us humans are repelled by the insects that crawl around our homes and gardens uninvited. We cringe at flies buzzing over our heads, moths rampaging around lamps or maggots feeding on our food. But contemplate for a few moments the lives of these small creatures, as portrayed in the illustrations of Emilia Dziubak, and you might just change your mind about them.

In Dziubak’s world, a simple coffee cup becomes an exquisite porcelain bathtub for Mr. Cockroach, who spends his morning relaxing, enjoying his first day off in a while. A red apple is no longer an overlooked piece of fruit, but a stylish throne for a tiny winged king. What about the moth eating all of our books and clothes? He becomes a connoisseur of fine gourmet literature, savouring every inked syllable that he consumes. And forget the notion that insects are just mindless drones – they have feelings too! Just ask the depressed, probably heartbroken bee sitting on the bitter lemons.

Emilia Dziubak presents these miniature adventures in the hope that us humans might overcome our reluctance towards insects. Her pictures also show how inspiring the simplest of objects and events in our lives can be.

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