I’m Steve and I’m the creator of the ‘Inklings’ cartoon collection. I love drawing cartoons, and thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of them with you.

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I chose the name ‘Inklings’ because it carries the double meaning of ‘ideas’ and also ‘ink creatures’ – this seems to fit well with the cartoons themselves, which often have twists in meaning or plays on words.

I’ve always been a fan of nature and science, and it was whilst studying for my Zoology degree that my cartoons first started to take shape. What initially started off as primeval doodles in my lecture notes evolved very quickly into more advanced cartoon creatures that seemed to take on a life of their own.

My first ever ‘Inklings’ cartoon (Geckos) was inspired by the geckos I used to see on holiday, which were able to run up vertical walls, aided by the special suckers on their feet. Well, usually...!

Since then, the collection has continued to grow and covers areas ranging from popular culture, science, nature and the 'just plain weird'.

I quite often get asked where I get my ideas from – in truth they just pop into my head, whether I’m just driving in the car or chatting with friends. They’re also very easy to forget again, so I have to write them down quickly before they slip away.

One of my biggest influences has undoubtedly been Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side - I just love his sense of humour and his distinctive style. I’m also a big fan of Matt Pritchett (‘Matt’ from the Telegraph), who’s so talented in communicating great ideas very simply through his cartoons.

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#1 Queen Tribute Band

Queen Tribute Band


Birgit Bee 3 months ago

Loving the Freddie moustache :-)

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#4 Underground



Rebecca Smith 8 months ago

Love this one

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#5 Geckos



Birgit Bee 3 months ago

So cute

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