Swarup Chatterjee is an award winning Indian painter who changed the course of his artistic expression to street photography just a few years ago, and people are taking notice. He’s already begun winning photographic awards for his images expressed with a painterly vision – a vision that shines through the full range of his work, surreal to a documentary.

Chatterjee says his slow-shutter image making is the closest to his painting, with his camera movements during the exposure similar to the thumb or finger smudging done on a canvas with paint, or on paper with charcoal. He also uses the zoom blast technique in various ways, often to give the viewer a sense of sound being emitted from the subject.

Current projects include a commission to recreate classic Bollywood movie posters, and something close to his heart – raising awareness by documenting elderly people left abandoned to the streets.

Swarup also conducts regular photography workshops in Mumbai, as well as leading photo tours in select regions of India.

More info: luminousjourneys.net | swarupchatterjee.com

Black Horse of Mumbai – Photo Creating a “Charcoal on Paper” Look w/ Camera Movement During Exposure (1 sec, f2.8, ISO 200)

Like Hindu Gods – Pushkar Camel Fair, India

Sacramental Trance – Varanasi, India (1/50, f2.8, 24mm, ISO 1200)

Sacramental Trance II – Varanasi, India. (1/50, f2.8, 24mm, ISO 1200)

The Little Prince – Mumbai, India

Hands On – A Hotel Window Pane, Kolkata, India

Birds & Boats, Mumbai Harbour, India

Bandra-Worli Bridge, Mumbai, India

Holi Dancers – Barsana, India

Colour Attack – Holi Festival, Barsana, India (Shot at ISO 3000)

Ecstasy – Sadhu at Holi Festival, Barsana, India (Zoom Blast Technique)

Shouting for Joy – Holi Festival, Barsana, India

Luminous Boy – Kumortulli Potters Colony, Kolkata, India

Street Woman – Manali, India (Zoom Blast Technique)

School for Underprivileged Children, Mumbai, India (Zoom Blast)

Abandoned Woman – Varanasi, India

Abandoned Woman Series – Varanasi, India

Imploring God – Abandoned Woman Series, Barsana, India

85 & Still Fierce – Abandoned Woman Series, Varanasi, India

Woman on the Backstreets of Barasna During Holi Festival