Hello Pandas!

Meet Krystian. He got injured at trampoline park on March. Unfortunate enough to paralyze all his body except slight head movements :/

Meet his lovely family as well. I’m very thankful for their openness and trust they gave me.

During last 3 days, I’ve shot 360 video from Krystian’s shoulder to produce mind-tricking content to support his recovery.

I’ve spent 2 nights on stitching and editing 360 footage to provide the most realistic sensation for him.

We’ve decided that trying to support neuro-connectors rehabilitation is a good choice, so after recording myself moving and flexing his fingers I sat down to work on a frame by frame roto-brush cutting…. definitely will use green pillow next time!

After removing his own head from the right side, editing bed, shirt and room environment, adding hospital sounds, and relaxing music – we’ve got full VR experience to trick his brain into thinking that he is able to control his own hand!

Please keep your Pandas’ fingers crossed for this one and for my one-man Virtual Dream Foundation as well! 

Thank you for your time!

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More info: youcaring.com