A fateful Google search for the word "cockwomble" led down a bottomless rabbit hole of giggles that revealed hundreds of fantastically illustratable epithets for The Donald.

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"I need to illustrate these!"

I started drawing them.

People liked them.

So I built a web site and put the design on t-shirts.

And that's pretty much the whole story.

I'm calling them "Trumpithets".

Trumpithets aspires to inspire by finding humor in a humorless, increasingly intolerant world by caricaturing the unabashedly ignominious leader of said "incivility". What comes around goes around.

For me, it's just plain fun. And I want to share it with you. If I can inject a little levity into your day and maybe even get you to giggle, I consider that a bigly "win". The kind of "win" that the man who inspired this project will never, in a million years, understand.

My goal is to illustrate a new nickname each week.

Please stop by Trumpithets.com, leave a comment on the product pages, and smile. We're stuck with this guy for at least three more years ... And we may as well have some fun while we #RESIST.

More info: trumpithets.com