In the medieval age, a blacksmith or shield-maker would make armor and shields tailored specifically for the individual’s height, size and function. Now modern fighters are forced to wield shields of incorrect size. As a result, they take to the battlefield with shields that leave them vulnerable to the sword strokes of any Sir Tom, Sir Dick or Sir Harry.

Picture yourself – you’re on the battlefield. A clan of insurmountable hostility approaches you. They growl. You growl. You both hiss like Wildcats that do more than play basketball. Then all of a sudden, with one foul swoop, you are felled by your opponent. A curly haired chap called Bob. He has one of my Divergn Design shields. You lie on the grass thinking, “My shield! If only it was a little more historically accurate, and was actually tailored to my size, perhaps this wouldn’t have happened.” Then you roll over… and pretend to die. Later that day, you go back to your wife. She has left you for Bob. She appreciates his curly hair, his tailored shield, and of course – his sword. End scene.

… So back to the shields. I’ve created a process that provides up to 960 variations for each shield type and up to 5280 variations of strap and padding features to provide each fighter with the perfect shield tailored for them, custom made in Australia.

I also allow my customers to add their own engraving to the shield. After all, you want to distinguish yourselves from the other, more inferior clans. If your particular clan is called, “Werewolf”, no worries, we can put Jacob Black’s face on it*.

*Subject to copyright laws 

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Our edging is made of genuine thick Australian cow hide black leather over the top of cotton sash leather mounted around the shield perimeter with adhesive and blued-tacks. This provides durability for the shield’s edge

Holding a shield like this also demonstrates to the ladies how strong you are