I am André Alessio and I’m a 48-year-old photographer from France. I was born and I live in Montpellier, a town in the south part of the country.

I have photographed Iceland’s landscapes in winter 2014, combining photography with my great passion for traveling to many different countries around the world. I decided to go in Iceland durind the winter to have a chance to see aurora borealis.

“Iceland in Winter” is a portfolio from a series of landscapes shot during my travel.

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Erosion of an Iceberg

Icelandic home in the evening

Rocks in Icelandic sea

A couple on the Vik’s beach a stormy day

Aurora Borealis The Milky Way

Éclaircie Islandaise

Seljalandsfoss river

Road N1

Brumes hivernales


Golden light glacier

Hunker down

Iceland shingle beach

Icelandic Clouds

Iceland frozen lake

Icelandic River

La maison des trois petits cochons