I’m a bug and botanical portrait photographer. I take macro photographs of insects, spiders, and other invertebrates so people may gain a better understanding and deeper appreciation of these amazing creatures. This summer, I’ve been working on a project called “Early Risers” which is a photo series showing insects and spiders waking up with the sunrise. Here are some of my favorite sunrise portraits!

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A fly washes his face with its forelegs

Soldier beetle

A hoverfly, also called a flower fly, on a dewy plant stem

A slug peeks around a leaf

Two-marked treehopper nymph

Two-marked treehopper adult


Two mating hoverflies


A skipper covered in dew

A Skipper cleans its eye with its proboscis

Clearwing moth

Adult oak treehopper

Jumping spider



Fly cleaning itself

Planthopper nymph


Small planthopper

Jumping spider