Basically I love sailor and dock stories, thats why I love e.g. the Pirates the Caribbean movies and also I am a big fan of Jenő Rejtő’s (a genius hungarian writer) Captain Dirty Fred or Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea. I’m always impressed by foggy, dark, classical dock scenes so I try to recreate this mood in my new LEGO photo series.

The Fisherman’s House is a LEGO Ideas project which means this set has been designed by a non-official LEGO builder Robert Bontenbal. When I’ve seen this building for the first time, it immidiately became one of my favourite LEGO sets. Extremly detailed and it has unique, special style which I’ve never seen before.

How it’s made? (You can see a werk video at bottom of the article)

So important: I don’t use Ps. manipulation! Everything what you see on the photos are real! I build the whole scene and take so much attempt to reach the perfect moment, lighting, angle. On the other hand sometimes I don’t need scenery if I can use the nature. For example when I need afternoon lights I actually wait for the real sunset or if I would like to shoot a beach scene I take the LEGO set and let’s go to the nearest lake (as you can see the werk pictures below)!

It’s a bit strange when everyone else is enjoying the beach, the lake and you are just kneeling in the water and shooting that wretched LEGO set and:

Random bro: Hey dude! What is that?

Me: Just taking some photos of this house!

Random bro: Nice, I love this set. Also I collected the LEGO when I was a child!

Me to myself: Poor guy he doesn’t know that the biggest LEGO collectors are adults (AFOL – Adult Fans Of LEGO).

Me: Yea, I collected too, but now I take photos them!

Random bro: Here is my son can he check this house?

Me: Öhm…Yes, I guess… (Btw there is no problem with children but I was in process)

Random bro: XY kiddo, come here! The uncle has allowed to see his LEGO!

Me to myself: Uncle?? What??

So, when I work outside there is always similar stories, but these are the parts of this type of photography! :)

I try to take living and realistic photos with dynamism and real scenery. I would like to introduce a different world. A miniature universe of LEGO. Because of these living elements one capture takes me 4-5 sometimes 7-8 hours to complete it.

The most difficult photos were the night ones. The accurate setting of the light sources was a hard challenge. I had to find the perfect way to reminds us the real spectacle.

I think that’s all, if you have any question leave a comment and I hope you will like this series! :)

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Captain Jack Sparrow Has Arriwed to the Old Fishing Store

After an Unlucky Day… #nofish

Ooops…Stealing? Stealing?

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Captain?

Big…Bigger…Oh, sh*t! :O

“Some Hooks Please!”

Luke’s First Fishing Experience! Everything is More Easier and Fun With The Force!

And finally I recreated a classic meme! Just for fun! Is it familiar LEGO fans? :D

VIDEO: How Jack Sparrow photo made:

Werk #2

Nothing can beat the natural, real lights! Werk #3