My little sister Michelle is a really great artist and LOVES her stuffed animals. So, why does she play with store-bought generic characters?

I set out to bring her own characters to life in plush form.

More info:

We started with “Dongler.” This is the first one ever made

I think he’s some sort of pig creature… Michelle says the antennae is his “Dongle,” I’m just going with it!

Then she drew “Footsie,” the four-legged duck!

Her friends and fans of my work started commissioning plushies too

So I started my company called “Budsies” to make custom plushies for kids around the world

Their imaginations are limitless!

“Big kids” also have great imaginations!

We’ve brought over 30,000 individual characters to life!

Sometimes people send us photos of themselves to make into dolls!

Or their girlfriends. Or even their wedding days!

Some people order plushies to hug relatives too far away

My team’s mission has never changed: we make the world more huggable