I’ve always loved dinosaurs, and I was 4 years old when Jurassic Park was released so my young mind was rewired with a dinosaur obsession that I still haven’t recovered from. I’ve also been drawing for as long as I can remember, so naturally I have drawn many thousands of dinos in my lifetime so far.

Late last year I was feeling like my art career was growing stagnant and boring so for the month of October I decided to go back to my roots and revel in nostalgia for a while. I took part in the “Inktober” event and I made a new pen and ink drawing of a dinosaur almost every day for the whole month.

Then I learned about an event on social media called “DrawDiNovember” where artists were encouraged to do that same thing – draw a dinosaur every single day. After that marathon of creativity I was left with a big stack of drawings, so I came to the conclusion that I should compile them into an art book!

I felt so much more positive about my art after all of that momentum so I jumped straight into a fully rendered painting. To make it as good as I could I went to local museums like the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to observe and sketch from fossils and I participated in hands-on Paleoart workshops at the Morrison Natural History Museum. I even went to the Denver Zoo to observe the larger birds like Cassowaries and Hornbills to get as much information about possible dinosaur body language as I could.

I documented the process of creating the painting and I’m including that in the art book as well.

This project became Primeval Kings: The Art of Ken Kokoszka, and if it sounds interesting to you, it can be found on Kickstarter right now.

More info: kickstarter.com

Jurassic Denver






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