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I Turn Simple Cardboard Cutouts Into Fun Sesame Street Silhouettes
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I Turn Simple Cardboard Cutouts Into Fun Sesame Street Silhouettes


This is part of my “Sunset Selfies” series. Each day I draw a picture on a big sheet of cardboard, then I cut it out and pose with it at sunset.

I usually do original characters… but I’ve always been a huge Jim Henson fan, and I thought a “Sesame Street Week” would be fun.

Tragically, Prince passed away while I was doing this, so Gover is my tribute to him. I hope you like them all. See you at sunset!

More info: Facebook | Instagram

Cookie Monster

Do I have regrets? Sure, I do. But at the time, I honestly thought “Cookie Monster Daycare” would be a great fit for my little Gingerbread Boy.


It’s pretty cool when you get to meet one of your childhood heroes. It’s even better when he agrees to sing “The Rainbow Connection” with you.


“Ernie, this. Ernie, that. Would you just “Go, Fish!” already?”



Tonight, rather than tell some joke, Grover and I decided to sing “Purple Rain” at the top of our voices, until it felt like the whole sky was listening.


Elmo said he’d hold the kite to help get it off the ground. He never said he’d let it go.

Oscar the Grouch

“What is that?” I asked, looking with disgust at the thick green mass in the measuring cup.
“One cup of booger,” Oscar replied. “Which is a lot even for me. But I’ve got a cold, so it’s your lucky day. Enjoy.”
“I said sugar. A cup of sugar,” I managed before gagging a little.
The Grouch just chuckled in a way that made me suspect he’d heard me just fine the first time.

Big Bird

Once we got up into the bird bath, there was actually more room than we thought.


Wrap Party



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