I am a Transylvanian photographer and graphic designer. I mostly make digital designs as my work so in my free time I like hand drawing. My favourite DIY project is to draw or paint illustrations on cheap white envelopes.

Remember when you were a child you made handmade gifts for everyone? When was the last time you actually made a gift instead of buying it? Many people complain that they don’t have enough time or skills to make a personal gift. I say that everything is possible if you really want to do it.

I know that a gift card is so easy to buy and the person can turn it into what shehe really likes. But even if you give someone a gift card or money, you can make the wrapping personal. The best way to do it is to draw or write something personal on it. I give you some tips to start and I bet you will do this for everyone :) Believe me, if you will say that you made the design, they will love it so much more! Maybe they will like the envelope better than the card/money :D

Ps.: I know that the designs are not perfect, the lines are not straight, but this is what makes it different and personal.


Mandalas are elegant and drawing them is so satisfying!


Flowers are always a good option if you don’t have any idea.

Make it funny!

Doodling is a really fun thing to do and the result will make someone smile.


Patterns are so easy even kids can do it. If you have better drawing skills you can make more difficult and detailed designs.