I am a photographer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. To me roundabouts are somewhat special places: they connect drivers and at the same time they lead them to the different directions. I usually take pictures of the cars, automotive events and shows. I also love taking pictures at night but I absolutely adore golden hour and early morning light. I drive a lot in Vilnius and every day I am driving through the roundabouts. Did you know that 3 out of 5 the most dangerous intersections are roundabouts?

Those are Savanorių avenue roundabout, Antakalnis roundabout and LEU roundabout. So I planned to take an image set of all Vilnius roundabouts to show their beauty and their forks. I took all pictures using my drone and I tried to avoid heavy traffic time so I could create a peaceful scenery. I've had to plan carefully where and when to take pictures because drone battery life is limited and lightning conditions are changing very fast. The final panoramas are stitched combining 2-5 pictures.

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